Monkey Costumes – More Than Just a Cute and Cuddly Costume

Monkey costumes are great for infants, toddlers and children when parents do not want the costumes in Halloween to be scary. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and part of the tradition is wearing costumes, particularly for the children who want to go trick or treating. In keeping with the common belief that Halloween is the eve when the souls of the departed return for a visit, most costumes are designed to be scary, such as skeletons, monsters, witches and other fictional characters.

However, some parents may be worried that the costumes might be too frightening for the little children. Therefore, monkey costumes are one of the Halloween costumes that are not designed to be scary to let the children get used to the idea of Halloween until such time that they are old enough for the frightening stuff. By wearing a playful costume, they are can enjoy Halloween without getting a nightmare.

Monkey costumes are traditional Halloween costumes and offer the added benefit of never going out of style, unlike those that are based on certain cartoon characters. This means that the monkey costume that you purchase today may still be worn for the next few years.

For infants, there are many monkey costumes to choose from. This includes the little Monkey Elite costume that is made up of a bodysuit, booties, attached tail, and hood with ears.  Another alternative Monkey See Monkey Do costume made of a body suit, boots, tail, and headpiece with a banana on it.

However, there are also monkey costumes for adults that may either be scary or non-scary. One example of a scary adult monkey costume is the Wicked of Oz Flying Monkey Adult Halloween Costume with mask, pants, shirt, and gloves. An example of a non-scary costume is the Adult Cymbal Monkey Halloween Costume that comes with a yellow shirt with red buttons, red hat with ears, pants with tail, and furry sleeves.

Monkey costumes are typically seen on infants or babies and occasionally children. Adults do not typically wear monkey costume, however, if you are looking for an accompanying costume you could wear a banana costume!