Monkeys And Bananas

One wonders why bananas and monkeys have been associated, especially in cartoons. How did this happen?

My take on this is that it happened as a result of colonialism.

The United States of America bought the Philippine Archipelago from Spain for $20,000 and occupied it for 50 years. In the beginning of the occupation, there was resistance on the part of the Filipinos. There were several fierce fights between the “insurrectos” and the American soldiers resulting in the death of thousands on both sides of the combatants. Civilians were also killed.

Obviously and logically, the colonizer feels superior to the colonized. Americans looked down on Filipinos. Some soldiers even called the Filipinos monkeys without tails. And they sang songs with words like “…in Zamboanga the monkeys have no tails.”

Filipinos love bananas. Then and now one of the main agricultural products is banana. So, Americans saw Filipinos always eating and enjoying several varieties of banana.

Yes, monkeys love bananas, too. But their main diet in the jungle, their natural habitat, is not a banana. Bananas don’t grow under the trees and in the thick of wild growth. They grow in open and sunny spaces. Filipinos planted bananas in their yard. Monkeys thrived on insects and fruits other than banana. The pet monkeys in captivity, of course, were served bananas since bananas were abundant in the Philippines. Some Americans did business by exporting monkeys to the U.S. for experimentation in laboratories. They fed the monkeys with bananas.

Cartoonists naturally drew monkeys eating bananas.

How Are Cartoon Animations Produced In The Studio – Learn You Can Do It Too

We were all amazed by fantastic storylines, the heartwarming stories and surprising twists on cartoon films nowadays. Throughout the years, animated films and series have experienced an overhaul taking the simple 2D design into a surrealistic 3D world where things come into life and they have all the attributes that make them unique. 3D Cartoon Animation is the trend for most films right now. Be it a fully animated film or a mixture of real and animated, Computer Generated Interface graphics has become the standard for high quality films that both children and their parents will love. How does 3D Cartoon Animation begin?

Before you can even begin with the highly technical aspects of 3D Cartoon Animation, you need to have all the basic elements done. First and foremost, the structure or the basic illustration of the character is needed. This is the basic 2D model. This 2D model will be analyzed, edited and reedited before the creation of the 3D animation. From the structures that make the model to the finest details, everything needs to be considered. Once the flat model is analyzed, a prototype of the model is created with the help of a workshop. This is the prototype 3D model of that character. Why is it important to have a 3D model before the 3D Cartoon Animation? Many big budget companies have this because it helps in creating the smoothest movements, the perfect 3D angles and designs and it makes the creation of the 3D structure easier.

What is next? Once the design has been finalized, an expert 3D modeler will create the structure. Most of the time there is a team handling 1-2 characters in 3D Cartoon Animation and in that team, there are experts handling fine details of the design. Once created, the structure will be subject to the story board which has been done prior to this process. The story board will provide the flow of the story and the shots. Programs for 3D animation are quite pricey. Aside from these aspects, additional effects are also created with individual software. From the simplest drop of water to the concept of gravity on the body and the whole scene, all are created to make it look hyper realistic. The design will all depend on the storyline.

The 3D Cartoon Animation will then undergo sound design, SFX, VFX, dubbing and rendering. All elements from the movement of the hair to the twinkle in the eyes are considered to create a real ambience in the 3D Cartoon Animation and not just a flat image that talks or moves.

Importance Of 3D Animation Software In Designing Graphics For The Movies And Games

What is 3D? 3D or three dimensional graphics are becoming more and more popular with the new era of the software development technology. Usually 2D or two dimensional graphic technologies represent width and height of the graphics. But 3D figures have depth in them additional to the width and the height. Actually this depth is a visual illusion created by the 3D animation software.

3D images are very important in cartoon and film industry. Further they can be used to design 3D computer games. There are some softwares more suitable to design the faces of living beings while some of the other software suitable to create the objects like cars, buildings and the parks. You may have seen some disastrous scenes in some of the films where actual people are casting: the scenes like blasting of a car with people in it. But in the real world these disastrous scenes can not be shot. The figures of the actual people are taken to the software and the scene is developed. This is where some of the 3D software comes very handy for the film directors. Therefore 3D animation software programmes are very essential in modern film industry. However there are softwares which suit to the simple graphic designing and which can not be used to shoot scenes for the films. It is the graphic designer’s responsibility to choose the correct software for his task.

There are open source 3D animation software and commercial 3D animation software. Among the commercial software there are products between 30 and 50 $. There are some of the other software products those are valued between 1000-2000 $. Since there are free softwares available in the internet you have to think twice about the requirements before going for the highly valued products. It would be unnecessary because you may just need the software to embed some graphic items to your web page.

Maya is one of the best 3D animation software popular among the graphic designers. This graphic designing software is supported for the operating systems Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft windows. Initially this software was developed by Alias Systems Corporation and currently it is developed by the Autodesk Inc. Autodesk Maya is able to create three dimensional figures, to be used in the films, cartoons, video games. This software has some features like Classic cloth, fluid effects, fur, hair, Maya live..etc. For an example Classic clothe feature enables the graphic designer to use the movement of the dresses and clothes over the animated figure. Fluid effects can create the clouds and the explosions. There were new features added with the continuous release of the different versions of Maya. Maya Entertainment creation suite 2012 is the current version that is available. You can try this software by downloading the trial version and buy the product later if you are interested in the features of Maya.

Anim8or is free software that can be used to create 3D graphics. This software supports BMP, GIF and JPG file formats. Anim8or has the features like 3D modeler, True type font support, Export, Morph targets, anti alias software renderer and many more features. Anti alias software renderer is used to produce high quality images. You should at least have 300 MHz Pentium processor along with 5MB disk space to have Anim8or installed in your PC.

Development of the 3D animated software is very essential for the graphic related industry and it is one of the sector, investors should look for investing. Development of the 3D animation software is rapidly developing with the increased demand from the various sectors.