Show Your Love With Novelty Fridge Magnets

In the recent past fridge magnets have become a popular consumer item in the market. Very rarely will you have an item such as this in your shopping list, but they have turned out to be very popular gift idea – especially the Novelty Fridge Magnets.

There are great selections in the market today. Ranging from cartoon characters, fruits, vegetables, different types of food, some in hilarious designs and some others with humorous sayings and so on. The list is endless. Both retail and online shopping for these magnets is very interesting. Today the trend is with online marketing which is done in the comfort of your home or any similar location. Retail shopping is equally interesting if you are looking for some outdoor activity. However, the choice is far wider on the Internet and even more advantageous when your goods are delivered at your door-step.

Here are some very interesting Novelty Fridge Magnets that are found at online stores:

1) Plush and Stuffed Toy Magnet: There are 6 magnets in the pack, dressed in T-shirts. They are made of plush velbao for the body and stuffed with polyester fiber for the head. This is ideal as a promotional item.

2) Dragon fly, Lady Bird, Bee and Butterfly Magnet: They are a “green” product and handmade with combined natural materials including a clay body, wire legs, paper muscle, PVC wings and hand painted. They look very real with flexible legs. Perfect as a gift.

3) Magnetic Lizard with wire legs: They are also a “green” product made with the similar materials. Even though they would not look pleasant on a fridge, it is a novel idea.

4) Peppa Pig Magnets: Featuring Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. They are great fridge magnets that sick onto any metallic surface.

5) Animal House Gecko Novelty Fridge Magnet: Available in 3 different colours – green, pink and yellow. Made of soft flexible silicone with 4 strong magnets – 1 for each foot. The tail bends to create a hook. A touch of personality of refrigerator display.

6) DC Comics Magnet Set: Available with 5 in a set. Featuring the super heroes. It will be a popular item as a gift for children.

7) Chocolate Chip Cookie Novelty Fridge Magnets: Looks very real and gives a “delicious and crunchy” look. Made of vibrant colours covered with a scratch-proof material. It has a powerful magnet backing.

8) Love Monkey Magnet: This is novel and unique as it can be personalized. It can carry a name of a special person instead of the word “Monkey”. Personalizing can be done online.

9) Cartoon Monkey Round Personalized Magnet: A colourful item which can be personalized also. Available in a range of colours.

10) Funny Tulip Gardening Cartoon Novelty Fridge Magnet: It has a humorous saying and is perfect as a gift item. This too has a powerful magnet backing.

These are just a few ideas of the wide range available at online stores. Most of these novelty fridge magnets can be personalized and some also have the facility of selecting a colour of your choice. This is advantageous when you plan to give it as a gift to a loved one.

Dexter’s Laboratory Animated Cartoons

It all began with a pilot episode on Cartoon Network and later developed into a highly successful cartoon series. The adventures of our little boy genius captured the imagination of children and adults all around the world.

Dexter, boy genius! The Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon series, developed by Genndy Tartakovsky, presents us with the adventures of a technical wizard, a master of invention, the king of science and the supreme ruler of inventions – Dexter, boy genius! Dexter may look like a regular boy, but he is in fact a brilliant scientist. Dexter’s laboratory is situated underneath the parental home, hidden from view. Dexter’s Lab is his heaven, a place where he can work on his next big invention far away from the curious eyes of society. Well, that is until his pink colored dancing and singing sister comes in. Dee Dee is Dexter’s greatest nemesis and ins spite of the technical advancements that stand on Dexter’s side, Dee Dee always manages to infiltrate the lab and bring chaos to the perfect world of science.

The characters in Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter – The one and only owner of Dexter’s Lab, our boy genius wakes up with an idea for “his greatest invention” each morning. His greatest challenge, however, is not offered by science, but by his meddling sister Dee Dee who is girly and pinky and twirly – everything Dexter tries to avoid.

Dee Dee – with a magnetic attraction towards Dexter’s Laboratory, Dee Dee doesn’t care much for science and technological improvements. She is attracted to bright colors and likes to mix things up, often with catastrophic consequences. Dee Dee does not set out to destroy Dexter’s Lab on purpose, but her curiosity is best expressed through her most memorable phrase: “what does this button do?”

Dexter’s parents – unaware of the giant laboratory underneath their home, Dexter’s mom and dad often get caught up in their son’s experiments.

Mandark – Dexter’s archrival, Mandark, is also a scientist. Unlike other kids, Dexter and Mandark compete in the area of science. Mandark, however, has a crush for Dexter’s sister, Dee Dee, but also a desire to wreck havoc in Dexter’s laboratory.

With over 52 episodes, the “Dexter’s Laboratory” cartoon series developed by Genndy Tartakovsky has taken the world by surprise. For many, Dexter’s Lab is one of the most amusing and engaging cartoon stories ever created. The huge number of fan sites, toys, t-shirts and other “Dexter items” you can buy also comes as a strong argument in this direction.

Why Monkeys Do Not Make Good Pets

Many people want to have a monkey as a pet after watching movies or cartoons. Monkeys come across as intelligent, playful and friendly animals besides looking cute and endearing. So, it is quite natural to want one as a pet. However, whether monkeys make good pets or not is a big question.

A thing to remember is that monkeys get quite aggressive when they reach sexual maturity. They are prone to mood swings. So, this can be difficult to handle. In addition, they tend to place with their feces and throw it around. Also, they are known to throw food and other items. Above all, monkeys are carriers of some lethal viruses, such as herpes B. Herpes B can be dangerous for humans.

Many people tend to adopt monkeys because they do not have kids. So, they are willing to spend large sums of money required to bring up monkeys as pets. A monkey can cost thousands of dollars annually. Also, vets are of the opinion that monkeys are better off with their own kind rather being brought up by humans as they get mentally and emotionally disturbed when humans bring them up. Vets also feel that no matter how much an owner spoils or adores his or her pet monkey, the monkey will never adjust or fit into the home. They will invariably end up with behavior that can be termed as self destructive.

A monkey cannot be treated as a pet dog or cat. The animal requires a lot of attention and when they mature, their behavior is akin to a troubled and difficult child. Monkeys do not like crowded places with too many people and can become aggressive if they are thrust into such an environment.

Therefore, it can be safely said that monkey do not make good pets. You should think twice about the consequence of having monkey as a pet before you decide to adopt one. Be prepared to handle the monkey and its moods. Only if you are prepared to take on the huge responsibility, should you adopt a monkey. Do not adopt one at a whim or to fulfill some fantasy that you might harbor.