Flip Boom Cartoon Review – Pros and Cons of This Animation Software

These days animation is one of the biggest and fastest growing creative industries in the world, and with the growth of the Internet and digital media, this pace looks as if it is set to continue.

In this light a young person who is equipped with animation skills is better prepared for the world of work and the new opportunities out there, not to mention the fact that animation is a heck of a lot of fun!

So getting your child started with an animation program can kick start their learning and give them an advantage over their classmates.

Flip Boom Cartoon (formerly called “Flip Boom Classic”) from Toon Boom Inc. is a great little program designed to be your child’s first foray into animation and making their own cartoons. Here we’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons of the software and whether it’s worth your investment.


The software itself is very easy to use and get started with, which is no mean feat, since most animation software can be frightfully complicated.

The interface is clean and simple to figure out, but still a good base for learning more complicated software later on since it uses the same underlying structures and fundamental principles that you find in the professional software (effectively introducing your child to a real world skill that could pay dividends in the future).

At its core, Flip Boom Cartoon is designed as a 2D animation package perfect for doing traditional drawn animation, so if you’re looking for a Flash style program in the vein of a South Park then this is not the right package for you.

Personally, I think traditional animation is one of the best ways to introduce children to animation since it develops their drawing skills and hand eye co-ordination as well as letting them explore timing and spacing in a very direct and intuitive way… since if they want something to move, they have to move it… the computer won’t do it for them. In this respect, Flip Boom Cartoon scores highly.


For me the biggest drawbacks in the software are that there are no real layers. There is a single foreground layer and a single background layer, but no more. Therefore it can become confusing to draw in the foreground when you have a background image loaded.

Another big drawback for me is that you can’t import sounds or mp3 files. Although it does support the addition of sound to your cartoons, you have to record it directly into the program, which can be a bit limiting.

Finally, there are no keyframe or tweening tools which means that the only way to animate is frame-by-frame (as mentioned above… this could be a pro or a con depending on your view point). Obviously this is harder work but then some folk would argue that that’s what animation is all about and ultimately where the fun is. Plus, as I mentioned above, it is a more robust way for kids to learn the basics of timing and spacing which are critical in animation.


Overall, the Flip Boom Cartoon program is a fun piece of software that is a great way for your child to begin their journey in animation.

The simple interface enables them to get started right way and they can gain a real understanding of the animation process through the traditional frame by frame approach.

However, it is limited in the sense that you can’t import any sound into the program (you have to record it directly) and there is only one foreground and one background layer, which can make it a bit tricky to do anything more elaborate.

Different Levels of Cartoon Animation

Before we proceed to discuss about 3D Animation, we must know what an animation is. Some would say this is nothing but cheating with the viewers and some would say this is a simple joke. Well, I would say both are true. Animation is a joke and also cheating with viewers. Basically animation is a rapid display of a sequence of 2D or 3D images. They are positioned in a way so that they create an illusion which we say is animation. Due to persistence of vision, we cannot realize what’s actually going on in an animation.

Majority of the people loves cartoons and animations of specific type, whether it’s on the television or newspaper. Cartoon characters are so popular among us and that’s why they are being used as Mascot, as a source of advertisements. There was once a time when Saturday morning was the famous day for cartoons. Cartoons are pretty much replaced by video game now-a-days but although most of the animated box office hits are all made by animation. Indeed 3D animation.

Animation is not an easy task. There are lots of tricks that need to be performed to create a successful animation. First artists create sequential drawings and they put those into frames. Then those are imaged very quickly to denote movement. The idea of persistence of vision is used in creating animations. The images are moved to quickly so we cannot determine that it’s series of image running one after another due to the persistence of vision.

There are several steps that need to be done to create an animation. First of all, an idea is necessary. Artist or Cartoonist first imagines a situation and lots of characters, and then they come up with several drawings based on their thoughts. And finally the drawings are passed to the computer to create animation. An animator uses different software to perform each task to complete the animation. Software helps to bring life in the drawings. That means, they are used to make the movement.

2D and 3D both are very popular animation format. We got into animation world by grabbing the hand of 2D and now it’s the 3D age. 3D didn’t replace the 2D rather it has enhanced 2D. They are both very important for an industry. Both 2D and 3D formats are supported by the computer. It’s just the choice of using. Animation use 2D where it’s most appropriate, they use 3D where it’s crucial. The world of animation is going to boom and there might be a day when everything will be performed in 3D.

Animation Softwares That Come Helpful In Creating Cartoons

You may have liked to watch cartoons in your young ages. May be you are an adult still interested in watching TV cartoons or cartoon films. Have you thought about the effort behind the cartoon films? It may be a difficult and laborious task to develop cartoon films than shooting a film with actors. You have to be a graphic artist to create cartoon movies. Cartoon animation softwares are the platforms that can be used to create cartoons. There are several cartoon softwares available in the market and available in the World Wide Web.

Swish, Plastic Animator, TV Paint, Pro Motion, Toon Boom digital studio are some of the software packages available for the cartoonists. Some of these softwares are open source or free to download. Some of the other softwares are sold to greater and lesser prices. The Cartoonist should look for the requirement of his before selecting software for his needs. This will save time and money expended for the creation of the cartoons.

Cartoon is usually 2D or 3D animation composed of several picture frames. Movement of these picture frames shows you a moving object or a cartoon. So a creative person can make a meaningful story by using these moving clips. This is how cartoons are created.

Let’s discuss about several cartoon animation software.
Synfig is an easy to use cartoon creating software. It is a very easy and user friendly software that can be used to draw the cartoons. There are several options available in this software that would be helpful for you to create cartoons with this software. This software is open source software. You can download it from the World Wide Web to create your cartoons.

Swift 3D is a three dimensional graphic designing software. That can be used to create cartoon movies. This software integrates Adobe flash through the Swift 3D file importer. Swift 3d introduces four outline styles, five cartoon fill styles and 2 gradient fill styles to the graphic designers. Further this software is enriched with the features like pen style outlines, multiple overlapping shadows. Moreover this software creates vector reflections. The smart layer technology separates vector layers in the graphic. Further this software has robust animation features like drag and drop animation palette, morphing of text and path, Bezier path animation tools, full featured animation timelines and many more versatile features. However there is some special hardware requirements should be there to install Swift 3D in your computer. You need a 400 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, 25 MB of hard disk space, 1024 X 768 of resolution monitor. Further this software is compatible for several file formats.

Do you know there are some software packages those can make you a cartoon figure? Funny isn’t it? Cartoon effect creator is software that can be used to convert your video in to a cartoon movie. This is very user friendly software and its several tools will give you the ability of performing funny cartoon videos with the use of your real videos. The currently available version of this software is Cartoon Effect Creator 4.0.

Today there is a trend to create more cartoon films. With the rapid development of the cartoon film industry there is rapid development of the cartoon animation software. There are several more new features are adding day by day with the release of new software.