Banana Rama Deluxe Pays Out GBP 12,500!

Banana Rama Deluxe is a very exciting and fun slot game with five reels and five lines with a high hit frequency. Banana Rama has a jungle theme with funny characters, sounds and reel symbols, displayed by excellent graphics. Every time you play the game, there is the feeling of having arrived on a tropical island; you are surrounded by the ocean, palm trees, two naughty friends, shells and lots of fruits (bananas, strawberries and melons). In this animated and dynamic game, you are accompanied by two funny cartoon monkey characters on your quest to the biggest prize of £12,500. Hit five monkey symbols on a payline at the maximum bet and the prize is yours!

The two animated monkeys pay attention to the reels every time you hit the play button, playing for three or more matching shells, which award you with a bonus round. If you are lucky enough to enter the bonus round, there is the chance to win the prizes hidden within the twelve oysters on the screen. Every oyster you click reveals a prize. As you keep clicking on these oysters, you will gather bonus prizes until you get the collect symbol, which signifies the end of the bonus round.

If the first oyster you choose in the bonus round reveals the collect symbol, you hit the jackpot. With the opening of the oyster, you win a Super Collect Bonus. This means that you have won the combined amount of all the other eleven oysters, which can mean a big win. If you are passionate about traveling to exotic places and slots machines, Banana Rama Deluxe is the perfect way to spend your free time. It gives you the feeling as if you are on vacation in front of your computer!

My Pillow Pets Cowardly Lion Review

There are so many children’s books, movies, cartoons, and stories that all have lions playing a big role in them. Plus when you take a kid to the zoo, one of the first animals they want to see is the lions. Lions are very popular with children, and because of that, lion stuffed animals are becoming a very popular toy. One company that is doing a great job of capitalizing on this popularity would be My Pillow Pets. There stuffed animal version of the lion is called the My Pillow Pets Cowardly Lion, and it has become a very popular item for kids. There are a lot of reasons why this toy is so successful, and here is a list of a few of them.

The first thing people look at when they are deciding on if they should purchase an item or not, is going to be how good that stuffed animal looks. In the case of this item, you are going to be getting a fantastic looking stuffed animal. In this case you are getting a lion that has a brown body, a hairy little brown tail, and a nice brownish colored mane. It has a little white face with a big black nose, and a nice looking smile. It is not a scary looking lion by any means, but a kid friendly, and great looking stuffed animal.

Besides the great look you get from this product, you will also be happy to know that it is a very durable stuffed animal, and it is even machine washable on a gentle cycle. With how dirty kids always get their favorite toys, it is nice to know cleaning it up is simple. These items are recommended for children ages three and up, so that is always important to remember when you are purchasing a gift. With a couple of great choices, and very reasonable costs, this item has become very popular.

The entire pillow pet concept has made stuffed animals very popular again. Kids love the ability to have both a pillow and a stuffed animal, and all you have to do is undo or redo some Velcro to switch forms. This simplicity has made young children love this item. When you combine that with the fact the cost is fantastic and the animal looks so great, you can see why so many people have decided this is the perfect gift for children.

A Monkey Shower Curtain Is A Must Have For A Cool Jungle Themed Bathroom

Whether creating a themed bathroom for the kids or you if young at heart and fun loving then you can’t go wrong with cute monkeys and all their safari pals. There is a huge range of shower curtains available featuring monkeys. There are sophisticated designs with embroidered monkeys and bananas, as well as cute cartoon monkeys swinging amongst the vines. One of my favourites is the peek-a-boo monkey shower curtain with a clear viewing panel (perhaps for those who feel a little claustrophobic in the shower). Some designs are very simple with just printed monkey faces, team this with a matching floor rug and you have an instant monkey bathroom.

The safari range I came across is particularly cute as they have a giraffe lotion pump, monkey soap dish, and an elephant for a toothbrush holder and a lion tumbler. You can get monkey shower curtain hooks which will brighten up a plain curtain you already have or add the finishing touch to a new curtain. If you want to replace your toilet brush and holder even that is available with a monkey design. Wastebaskets come in a variety of materials (wood and resin) and are monkey or jungle themed too. Bathroom accessories tend to be either plastic or resin and can be decorated or relief. I particularly like the relief resin figures as they add a cute 3D effect to the bathroom really bringing the jungle alive! An excellent useful addition to your monkey bathroom would be a set of cute embroidered towels which come in either white or bright colours to complement your design. To save time trying to find co-ordinating accessories buy from a full range provided by one manufacturer such as the safari or the monkey business range and all the hard work is done for you.

If you look further afield than the bathroom department when shopping you will find monkey and jungle animal curtain tie backs to enhance your bathroom theme. Also a great range of art to decorate the walls, including decals which come in a variety of designs and most are removable. Check with the manufacturer first that they are suitable for wet areas like bathrooms. Please do not neglect your toilet when making over the bathroom – a padded toilet seat cover will add the perfect touch or have you seen the now great range of removable toilet seat tattoos available in round and elongated to suit most toilet seats. Start with your choice of favourite monkey shower curtain and let inspiration, imagination and creativity take you from there.