Why Monkeys Do Not Make Good Pets

Many people want to have a monkey as a pet after watching movies or cartoons. Monkeys come across as intelligent, playful and friendly animals besides looking cute and endearing. So, it is quite natural to want one as a pet. However, whether monkeys make good pets or not is a big question.

A thing to remember is that monkeys get quite aggressive when they reach sexual maturity. They are prone to mood swings. So, this can be difficult to handle. In addition, they tend to place with their feces and throw it around. Also, they are known to throw food and other items. Above all, monkeys are carriers of some lethal viruses, such as herpes B. Herpes B can be dangerous for humans.

Many people tend to adopt monkeys because they do not have kids. So, they are willing to spend large sums of money required to bring up monkeys as pets. A monkey can cost thousands of dollars annually. Also, vets are of the opinion that monkeys are better off with their own kind rather being brought up by humans as they get mentally and emotionally disturbed when humans bring them up. Vets also feel that no matter how much an owner spoils or adores his or her pet monkey, the monkey will never adjust or fit into the home. They will invariably end up with behavior that can be termed as self destructive.

A monkey cannot be treated as a pet dog or cat. The animal requires a lot of attention and when they mature, their behavior is akin to a troubled and difficult child. Monkeys do not like crowded places with too many people and can become aggressive if they are thrust into such an environment.

Therefore, it can be safely said that monkey do not make good pets. You should think twice about the consequence of having monkey as a pet before you decide to adopt one. Be prepared to handle the monkey and its moods. Only if you are prepared to take on the huge responsibility, should you adopt a monkey. Do not adopt one at a whim or to fulfill some fantasy that you might harbor.